I realize this can be a touchy subject but the truth is that it needs to be discussed.  I have personally experienced the heartbreak of suicide and know how detrimental it can be to friends and family but to have the everlasting feeling of what if I?  What if I would have called them more often?  What if I would have said I love you one more time?  What if I would have given them an extra hug?  What if I would have just said I care?  There is usually a long time one feels alone to get to the point they feel there is no way out.  I always tell others that a simple I love you, a hug, or just noticing they exist can be sufficient enough to keep them from getting to that point.  I always feel a blanket of sadness when I hear someone has taken that step.  For that reason, I try and share with my friends and family that they are important, if not to anyone else, to me.  They have a purpose in this world and they need to give it time to find what that is.  So hug someone today, say hello to a stranger, make eye contact with a passerby, tell your family I love you, and make the possible difference in someone’s life where they step back and say, “Wow, I am noticed!”  God bless!

Dream big!

I have a strong work ethic.  Honestly, I can’t really help it.  It is in my blood and instilled in me from a young age.  I was taught to work hard for what I have and what I want.  And although I was taught that philosophy, my personality takes over and knows that I can achieve much farther than my dreams.  Some people think I am looking for status or money but my ethic goes so much farther than that!  I have a desire to help people, make a positive imprint on the world and leave a legacy of desiring a better future.  I will confess that it has it’s downfalls but I let nothing stand in my way when I have a goal in mind.  I tell people that my reputation means much more to me than money because money can come and go but a reputation proceeds you and lasts forever.  That is how people know you.  A reputation can describe you in one sentence and allow people to brace themselves for what is to come, good or bad.  Make a positive imprint in what you do and allow people to see and remember you as someone they wished and were happy to know.


I was thinking yesterday about priorities.  Our lives are so busy that we say our priorities are spread out across the board when in reality, they shouldn’t be.  We should have a list, whether it be mental or not, of how we are going to dedicate time.  I will admit that my conscience gets to me about how to correct the time I am spending on what.  I have one main priority in my life right now and that is being a parent.  It entails so much because it is not just quality time but it’s also work, keeping a clean house, making sure that doctor’s appointments are met and teeth cleanings are scheduled.  I am upfront with people about my priorities and when they dominate my time knowing my list, I tend to back away and re-prioritize my life, including expressing where they lie.

We should always take a look at our time and how we spend it.  What are your priorities and are you following through with what they should be?


I have realized today more than ever how important sleep is to my body!  Sleep is how we recuperate to function for our daily activities.  Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open and that’s with a few cups of caffeinated coffee!  I realize that it’s important to take care of ourselves but it’s so hard with work, kids, family and self!  So much to do but so little time!  I would have to say it’s time to take care of the body and rest so that we can give our best not only to ourselves but to others.  I always say that it’s the same as the instructions they give on a plane in case of a crash.  They say to put on your oxygen before you help others.  If you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others?

Happy happy!

Experiences in our lives seem to decide whether we are happy or unhappy.  We let those around us determine what our days hold or how they evolve.  I was recently reading someone’s thoughts and they were expressing the hard details of their current situation.  I have a different view.  Every time I experience something bad, I do my best to find the good in the bad.  The world can tear you apart piece by piece, if you let it! But you can find happiness even in the darkest of times.  Happiness is a choice meaning you have to choose to find the small slivers of light shining through the harsh storm clouds above you.  You may not see them, but they are there if you look hard enough.  The only way you will find the right path that will lead you into a world of peace is if you take the time to appreciate where you are so that when you get to your destination, it will be that much brighter!


There are so many people that can state they are a friend but it is when it comes down to the grind that you find who your true friends are.  When I was younger, before I had my son, I would see friends who did have children not always lend a hand to their friends saying that they didn’t have time.  I thought that this was the worst thing imaginable!  I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would put their friend to the side when they needed them.  Now, I am a mother.  And although I want to be there for my friends in definite times of need, being a mother is also, if not more, important.  I always say that an adult can understand decisions but a child can’t.  Children’s minds aren’t developed enough to understand the ins and outs of life but if you have a true friend then they will understand that you can’t always put quality time with your child on hold, although you still want and are the greatest friend you could be. Listening is part of it but friendship is giving and taking.  A friend should give their time to another but the other friend should not take advantage of the time.  Friendship is a key role of life so treat your friends with respect and care!  Give respect to get respect!

What time is it?

I looked at the calendar today and it is January 15, 2015.  Now, most of you are probably thinking that I must be a genius since I can look at a calendar and possibly tell time.  But, if you think about it, we are already into the middle of January.  I realized that I had not seen one friend for almost a month, not realizing that so much time had already passed!  I remember back in high school and the year 2000 coming up in a few years seemed unfathomable.  I am sure some of you remember that, but to think that we are 15 years past that time is mind blowing at times. Children shrug their shoulders like we used to do to our parents when we say that we can’t believe time has flown by so fast!  The moral to this rambling is that life is short!  Short meaning the minutes fly by so fast you must grab one and put it in a mason jar to keep it!  Don’t forget to hug the ones you love, visit the places you have dreamed about and never let a moment go by that you don’t express thanks for being in that one singular moment!  God bless! (or as I say to my non-Christian friends….whatever higher power you believe in!)

A New Year!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  How many times have you heard that in the past few weeks or even month? It’s so nice to hear that from strangers, as if it’s a commonality, and we can rejoice in a season together. In the middle of extreme times and wars, it’s so nice to see that we have some comradery with others.  A celebration of times with family and friends.  I know that not everyone rejoices in the holidays the same but what is delightful is how we are met with smiles, kindness and extensions of happiness.  I hope that everyone’s year is starting off amazing and you feel that this is the year to make a difference not only in your life but in someone else’s.  It is those times that we truly make a better year and a better world!  My company motto:  Smile and make someone’s day brighter!  God bless!

Very Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Today is the day everyone is rushing around getting the last of the presents.  Reviewing the lists to make sure they have a present for everyone.  To make sure that the stockings will be filled!  There is Christmas music playing in the background and everyone seems joyous.  But lest ye forget the true season!  Today is a celebration of a very special day.  The day before our world changed forever.  The birth of Christ was just on the horizon.  A story told to generations for years.  That the Messiah would be born to save the people.  What an amazing thought, especially for Joseph and Mary.  That she gave birth to what seemed as a newborn child that would save the world from sin and persecution.  Christmas is more than just a present under the tree.  Open your heart and allow yourself to feel the wonder and excitement that your life is about to change.  The promise of eternity and salvation is moments away!

Religious for the moment!

I am amazed with people.  Of course, most people would respond with “of course” or “and that surprises you”.  But let me clarify.  I am amazed with people when they choose to express a religion when they haven’t necessarily followed it until it seems beneficial and selfish to express it to the world!  A big pet peeve of mine is watch someone live their day to day life, not necessarily embracing a faith, but when the moment arises to impress someone or convince someone they are in the wrong, they all of a sudden become a preacher!  Nevermind the fact that they haven’t expressed or even hinted at the thought they aligned with those feelings or have said they don’t know scripture, not until it suits them to manipulate or change someone’s view.  If you’re going to live a life of faith, then live it.  If you’re not, then don’t.  My mother has always said I see things black and white.  So, do it or don’t.  But don’t use it when it’s going to serve a purpose you feel you deserve or are entitled to.  I am done venting now!! 🙂